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Reflections on Real Life Worship from Tim Pressword and Clare McBeath

Download Tim and Clare’s recent paper on Real Life Worship here: What is Real


Download the first set of real life worship files


Bible Reading

Lord’s Supper




Real Life Worship Prayer

Prayer written by Craig Gardiner and used at the end of Real Life Worship Seminar at Baptist Assembly 2009


In a world where so much is false:

From the flowers on the restaurant table

to the shiny happy smiles on the TV 

Lord, help us to get real.

In a world where so much else is fake: 

from the tan lines on the beach

to the surgically enhanced beauties in the magazine

Lord, help us to be real.


In a world where my banana flavoured milk shake

tastes more banana than bananas 

And we still know more about the lives of Posh and Becks 

than we do our neighbours

Lord, help us to get real.


In amidst the branded logos

the spin and telepromted passion 

Faceless banking, 

virtual communities 

and help desks where

a computer generated echo

assures us we are valued,


May our worship be real 

and may our living be

an authentic sacrifice of worship. 

Welcome to Real Life Worship

Real Life worship is a new venture from a group of baptist ministers and theologians. It is an attempt to connect real life to worship. Worship that forms us relationally, politically, socially and economically.

In May 2009 at the Baptist Assembly we will be launching the first five in a new series of Real Life worship files, which will then be available to download from here and the BUGB website.