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Real Life Worship Prayer

Prayer written by Craig Gardiner and used at the end of Real Life Worship Seminar at Baptist Assembly 2009


In a world where so much is false:

From the flowers on the restaurant table

to the shiny happy smiles on the TV 

Lord, help us to get real.

In a world where so much else is fake: 

from the tan lines on the beach

to the surgically enhanced beauties in the magazine

Lord, help us to be real.


In a world where my banana flavoured milk shake

tastes more banana than bananas 

And we still know more about the lives of Posh and Becks 

than we do our neighbours

Lord, help us to get real.


In amidst the branded logos

the spin and telepromted passion 

Faceless banking, 

virtual communities 

and help desks where

a computer generated echo

assures us we are valued,


May our worship be real 

and may our living be

an authentic sacrifice of worship. 


3 Responses

  1. […] I understand the point, and I support it wholeheartedly (and I love the prayer that forms the first substantial blog post), but I find the language odd – and actually […]

    • It seems to me that the search for a ‘true’ definition of Real Life is something of a red herring.
      My problem with so much of Christian worship is that it doesn’t reflect, or allow space for, my reality.
      My reality is one of those hard places, of which Steve speaks. But I love it. It is where I belong, it is where I am rooted and comfortable. I don’t expect Steve in St Andrews to share that reality.
      All I want is worship which allows space for the wide variety of human experiences of God.
      Real life is multi-faceted and often contradictory. Why isn’t worship?

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