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Download the first set of real life worship files


Bible Reading

Lord’s Supper





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  1. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for posting these.

    I’m getting a series of ‘404 File not found’ responses for everything except the intro – is this me being too quick off the mark, or a problem with the site?


  2. comments can be given here or emailed to me and I’ll pass on to group.

  3. Hi Andy
    Thanks for these. I think they are a really important starting point for a discussion about what we are attempting to do in worship.
    For what it’s worth in response to Steve, I would value a serious of discussions via the blog about their content.
    I suggest that this discussion should be moderated as I wouldn’t want it to degenerate into a slanging match. Although I have a number of questions/ critiques which I would want to raise, I would want to do so in a ‘safe’ environment in which we were all fundamentally trying to move in the same direction.
    However, I think open comment via the blog enables more folk to join the discussion. Perhaps for starters, one thread on each document?


  4. Just on a geeky note – when I open the files, I get a large red cross at the bottom of the cover page of each one. It looks as though there was a graphic or something which has not survived the conversion to .pdf

    If you want me to have a look at the original files and see whether I can sort it out, drop me an email


  5. Many thanks for beginning to address these issues. Appreciated and potentially refreshing!

    But now what we do do about it? (Be not merely hearers… but doers…)

    Will you be opening up a discussion threads of any of these? In particular (having just read the BUGB “…Psalms” article) about the Psalms? And about how our supposedly “Bible-based” churches have actually abandoned the Bible’s very own song-book in our weekly worship? (Contentious and provocative statement? Well find me a self-proclaimed evangelical church (preferably two) anywhere in England that deliberately schedules a psalm each and every week in its main service…)

    And, more positively, what some of us are doing to try to recover this biblical basis to our worship.

    • I think Real Life Worship is too important to be allowed to die – but that is what it is in danger of doing.

      It seems to me that there is something of a disconnect between those of us who spend all of our lives rushing around in the real world and who attempt to express something of that in our worship, and the academics who began this process, but who, because they stand outside of the tension of holding ‘real life’ and worship together, have other calls upon their time.

      Perhaps it is time for others to take up the Real Life Worship baton.

      Clare and I are planning a paper for the northern Baptists Doing Theology in Context symposium on April 20th which will respond to the original Real Life Worship concept. We’ll post it to Dancing Scarecrow – it would be good if others felt able to engage in the dialogue with us.


      • Tim thanks for this, you raise a genuine concern.
        I cannot speak for the group but i think we’d all agree that this ought not to die.

        It is with regret that this has not pushed ahead which i think may be due to the convenor being unwell for a while.

        But as one of the the ‘academics’ who began this process i am also one of the others who are rushing around in the ‘real’ world too … holding these tensions together (eg radio 4 service you commented on on your blog) both of which make calls on my time but that is exactly where the interface takes place. I think there rest of us where as well… we did RLW because we were immersed in real situations that were not being picked up in hymnody liturgy etc.

        So it might not be so much about passing the baton on, ie I an others are not ‘done’ and out of the race, but passing it around … to include others liek you and Clare … so that another set of files can be arranged.

        I for one would be happy to engage with the paper you and Clare are preparing and would be happy to see you work on a file or two if you desired.
        I’m pretty sure others woudl as well.
        What do you think?
        I’ll keep an eye on the scarecrow

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